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The Stuff of Life
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Life, Leadership and Survival Quotes PART II

I have been writing quotes for inspiration and motivation for quite some time. This is a second compilation of these quotes that I thought that I would share with others. Please feel free to use them or share them. I only ask that you include a link for my blog if you do. Thanks for taking the time to read them.

"Everyone experiences fear. Do not allow fear to make you inactive. Activity harnesses fear and uses it as a catalyst toward change."

"As you age, "live and learn" transitions to "live and discern" where not everything has to be learned the hard way anymore."

"In every human interaction, attempt to make it your goal that the other person will leave the interaction feeling more positive than before the interaction."

"Four things to never leave at home: your knife, your lighter, your Kelly Kettle and your sense of humor."

"Don't seek to please others, seek to better them."

"Follow your instincts rather than that little voice inside your head. Hopefully, your instincts will advise you that you shouldn't have a little voice inside your head in the first place."

"Sometimes it's just safer to keep your expectations of others very low, but hold them to a higher standard nonetheless. More often than not, they will attempt to meet your expectations."

"Always remember that negative people will desperately attempt to point out your flaws and what is wrong with you because they are envious of what is right with you."

"Whether leading others, parenting or animal training, fear and intimidation may give way to submission, but will never be the catalyst toward inspiration, growth or true change."

"You could be happier, less stressed and more at peace if you stopped living in the future. Stop telling yourself how much better things will be when you get that job or pay that bill. Stop thinking how great everything will be in just a few years or after this or after that. Life is right now. There will always be new challenges, issues, problems or bills. If you "spend" your time waiting for that precious moment in the future, you are "spending" your life. "Save" your life by enjoying it right now instead of planning to enjoy it at an imagined time in the future."

"Don't wait for a natural disaster to remind you to live and love."

"In all things, preparedness begins in your brain."

"Many people place unnecessary and inappropriate pressure on themselves. First, it is never your job to keep people you love or others happy. It is impossible and they need to captain their own happiness ship. Second, not everything is about you. Most people are battling their own demons. Control your own mind and respect and appreciate that you can't and shouldn't want to control anyone but yourself."

"Let the outdoors be your toy box."

"The threshold between truth and deception is compromised whenever and wherever there is greed of any capacity. The secret to avoiding this threshold is to be content with what you have. Live more and want less."

"Enduring + overcoming = empowerment. Let adversity make you a stronger person rather than a damaged person."

"Happy people are sometimes targeted by unhappy people. Miserable people can often only temporarily mask their own misery at your expense. Take it as a sign that you are doing something right if you have acquired so much happiness that it offends others."

"No matter who you are or what kind of person you are or how hard you try, not everyone will like you. Never put your own happiness on the line by expecting otherwise."

"Self-esteem is built from the ground-up, from sweat equity, from years of remodeling and repairing damaged and weakened structures, from experience and from customized materials for more durability. Never allow other people who have invested little to no effort into their foundations tear down what you have spent years building."

"Focus on what you can do and never on what you can't do. And, there is always something you can do."

And, just for fun......

"Life is a series of events that happen in between eating bacon."

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