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The Stuff of Life
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Life, Leadership and Survival Quote Compilation PART III

This is Part III of a compilation of survival, bush-craft, leadership and life survival quotes that I have written over time. I hope that you enjoy them. Please feel free to use them or share them. I ask that you please include a link to my blog if you do:
Enjoy! Please also check out Part I "A Compilation of Survival Quotes" and Part II "Life, Leadership and Survival Quotes."

"Boredom should be a wake-up call that you are not doing all that you can, not fulfilling your dreams, not planning your future, not playing and not enjoying the now or creating a purpose for your life. You only get one life, cherish it and use it wisely."

"Nearly all of our anxiety stems from regret about the past or trepidation and fear about the future or the unknown. Value where you are right now, grow from where you have been and plan for your tomorrow and turn anxiety into empowerment."

"Not everyone is going to like you. It's futile to invest too much energy into people-pleasing when some people are not capable of being pleased. Jumping through hoops for praise is appropriate if you are a German Shepherd. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and learn to love who you are regardless of external validation."

"Socially we have been trained to value youth. However, wisdom, leadership ability and ingenuity are born through experience. Consciously and systematically we need to train ourselves and others to value aging for the societal gifts that are only possible though life experience and having overcome adversity."

"A survival situation is similar to life survival in that you may experience discomfort, pain and deprivation, but as you go through adversity, you come out on the other side wiser, more self-reliant and empowered. A survival situation is different to life survival in that life is also meant to be enjoyed and cherished. Never approach life as something you have to "get through" except when facing adversity."

"In our chaotic, stress-driven lives of abundance, we could learn a lot from the simplest of creatures. For billions of years, amoeba have been prolific by physically moving only toward nourishment and physically moving away from things that do not nourish or are stressful or toxic. What is obvious to the amoeba takes many of us a lifetime to grasp."

"Before you prepare, don't forget to plan to prepare. All preparation begins with planning and preparing the mind."

"Happiness is no accident. What you focus on, you will be rewarded with more of. And, this reward can be either good or bad contingent upon your focal point."

"When at an interpersonal impasse, your best maneuver may be to agree upon the fact that you cannot agree. This "agreement" may be the epicenter toward peace."

"We all have to deal with difficult people on occasion. It's quite alright to have to make minor adjustments to your interaction style in order to accommodate those with inadequate people skills. However, the moment that their behavior infringes upon who you are as an individual, is the moment that you adjust yourself no more. You are training others on how you allow yourself to be treated. Adjusting, compromising and negotiating are valuable tools in a reciprocal environment only.Never accommodate your integrity or to the degree that you are no longer yourself."

"Question everything even old quotes. "That's the way the ball bounces" does not have to be true. You do not have to accept things that are unacceptable. You always have choice. You can roll the ball, catch the ball, throw the ball, lose the ball all together or even get a whole new ball or play an entirely different game if you choose to. Remember that the ball is actually always in your court as long as you recognize that you always have choice and that you are in control of your own thoughts. Sometimes things are as simple as just looking at the ball and your options differently and sometimes you need to play the game completely differently."

and just for fun......

"One of the most difficult things about work is that it cuts into perfect fishing days. This is yet another reason to find a way to make money doing something that you love. Do what you enjoy and you will lose a lot less perfect fishing days and still get paid."

and just for more fun......

"Bacon is like friendship: You feel better when you are together and when you are apart, you are making plans to be together again. But, bacon is not like friendship because bacon doesn't borrow your stuff and not return it."

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