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The Stuff of Life
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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Compilation Of Survival Quotes

I have been writing quotes for motivational and inspirational purposes for quite some time. I thought I would compile a few of them together in one post to share with others. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share them with others as well and use them freely. I ask that you please include a link back to my blog if you do choose to share.

"Never expect other people, mother nature or circumstance will adapt to you. A survivor mindset is adaptable."

"Your thoughts are your choice and in your control. Never let outside influences control your thoughts."

"Choose to overcome and the mind will lead the body."

"You have the ultimate control over your own mind and you, therefore, have the ultimate control over your own destiny."

"The mind wills the body."

"Your ability to overcome and your will to live are controlled by your own thought processes."

"The more adversity you have experienced and overcome, the greater your ability to improvise and adapt to changing circumstance."

"True leaders learn from those that they lead."

"Adversity is the spawn of ingenuity and the catalyst of wisdom."

"To truly overcome a circumstance, you must first acknowledge the gravity of the situation and have the tenacity and the grit to get through it rather than around it."

"Leaders are not born they are developed through adverse life circumstance and practiced ability to overcome those circumstances."

"When it comes to friction fire, if at first you don't succeed, join the club and keep on practicing."

"He who laughs first is not worth your time."

"If you can envision it, you can create it."

"Practice makes perfect is a lie. Practice makes improvement. Practice makes empowerment. Practice makes confidence. Practices is always evolving, so there can never be true perfection."

"A survivor mentality can be honed through consciously choosing to adapt and overcome circumstances that are outside of your control."

....and just for fun:

"Life is like bacon: there's never enough of it and it's always better when shared. On second thought, who shares bacon?"

I hope you enjoyed these. I have more which I will post on a later date. Thanks for reading!

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