The Stuff of Life

The Stuff of Life
For those of us who find nature to be both aesthetically beautiful and life-sustaining.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Dedicated to those that dare to prepare....

From Ferro rods, to flint and steel, there’s a reason that the woods…
Provides us with such mass appeal.

From altoid boxes, to the rule of three, there’s no soda, juice or coffee…
That even comes close... to pine needle tea.

From iodine drops, to steel Kelly kettles, you have set out to learn…
The medicinal use for stinging nettles.

From bamboo containers, to navigation needles, you are willing…
To dine... on those wood-eating beetles.

From magnesium strips, to Punky wood, you’d live in a yurt…
If only you thought that you could.

From sharp Mora knives, worn on a belt, one day you plan to learn…
How to make clothes from a pelt.

From stocked fishing kits, to M.R.E’s, ...who needs a pot roast?
When you have the outdoors to seize.

Your self-reliance has led... to stocking both food and supplies…
As you now refuse to listen anymore lies.

You bought as much gear... as you could afford, from military boots to bags….
To wearable bracelets ...with 30 feet of para-cord.

And, you knew you weren't a master... as you explored the  terrain…
As there is always more to learn starting fire in rain.

         But, all that you that you have never felt more alive...
As you increased your skill, and learned to survive.

So, you spent all this money and, you have invested all your time….
As you gained strange looks... like you had committed a crime.

But, you continued on... to practice bushcraft outside….
And, if the SHTF, they will all want a free ride.

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